5 Footwear Tips You Need


5 Footwear Tips You Need

Wear the right pair of footwear, and you’re all set to conquer the world. But to wear the right pair of shoes, you need to find the right pair of shoes first, isn’t it? And that’s where most of mess up! So here are a few tips which will help you find the right pair of shoes – one that will help you conquer the world – so read on:


  • Trust brands:
    They are known as ‘brands‘ for a reason. While it’s fine to purchase casual one-time wear shoes from the local flea market, your regular wear has to be sturdy- so don’t compromise on this and walk straight into a good reputed store which is known to craft comfortable and quality shoes over the years. You’re sure to find your fit here.
  • Trace your feet
    Whenever you go shoe shopping, you waste a lot of time trying on shoes that most of the time don’t even fit you. So instead of that, take a tracing of your foot along with you. Placing the shoes, you like in the paper is the best to check whether these shoes will fit you or not. And if the show falls short of the tracing, you wouldn’t even have to try it on. If it’s slightly bigger, you could try it on. Thus, you save a lot of time and energy while shoe shopping and also find a pair that fits you right.
  • Wear and check:
    The shoes you choose, make sure you wear them and stand up in them. You need to press the top of the shoe and make sure there is a good half-inch gap between your longest toe and the shoe. This gap makes sure that your feet are comfortable in the shoes, without the risk of any discomfort or getting a shoe-bite.

  • Walk around:
    There’s a reason why footwear stores have enough space to move around – it’s for you to walk around in your shoes to check if you are comfortable walking around in them if they’re too tight, or loose as a matter of fact. Walk around them until you’re convinced that’s the right pair.
  • Check the shoes:
    While buying a pair of shoes, don’t get flattered with the design of the shoe – check the sole, the insides of the shoes and also the material with which the shoes have been made. Also, check of the shoes are sturdy enough to bear the brunt of everyday rough use.
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